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Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral - an image of a marketing brochure

Marketing Collateral

     Marketing collateral can take on many forms, yet they all share the same common purpose: supporting your sales and marketing team in driving visibility and revenue for your company. Small businesses, non-profits, startups and corporations all benefit from using some kind of marketing collateral to educate their customer base. These benefits can manifest themselves as increased brand recognition, higher sales figures, better fundraising, and even an expanded presence beyond your geographic boundaries. It’s all in how effectively you use your marketing budget, regardless of how big it is.

     One way to get the most out of your marketing budget is by using printed marketing materials that can be repurposed from one campaign to another. Kendall Press can help consolidate your needs so that the business cards, brochures, press kits, datasheets, and other items all have an extended shelf life to last from one campaign to the next.

     Contact us today about our comprehensive marketing collateral packages and discover how we can contribute to your success today!

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