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DIRECTIONS to Kendall Press free parking and CONFERENCE CENTER INFO

Service Dock and free parking entrance to Kendall Press. drive slow as you come off longfellow bridge, it's partly hidden and take care with pedestrians. thanks!
Directions to Kendall Press & East Arcade Conference Center
TOP IMAGE: parking garage entrance
BOTTOM IMAGE: front door access and signage to Conference Center


Take the Red Line to the Charles/MGH stop. Cross over the Longfellow Bridge. We are located in the first building on the right which is the Riverfront Office Park at One Main Street. The suite number is 105. We're behind one of the brown paneled 'secret doors' that you'll find in the lobby. Go through the door and all the way down the hall turning left.

Kendall Station
Take the Red Line to Kendall Station. Head east on Main Street towards the Longfellow Bridge. We are located in the last building on the left before the Longfellow Bridge which is the Riverfront Office Park at One Main Street. Our suite number is 105.


current construction prevents you from driving from Boston to Cambridge over the Longfellow Bridge. Follow detour signs into Cambridge. We are the first building on Main Street closest to the river and the Longfellow Bridge. Arrive via 1st street, 3rd street or Memorial Drive. Here is a photo of the building front.

Kendall Press one main st. The front door leading to our secret passageway behind the hidden door in the lobby. Ask the concierge for guidance if you're a first time visitor.
Directions to Kendall Press and East Arcade Conference Center
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