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Why Kendall Press? Our Mission

In everything we do and every decision we make, we put our customer first.

We deliver our products and services with accuracy, timeliness, reliability, quality and superior personal service.

We will always put ourselves in our customer's shoes and insure that we never over commit or under-deliver on our promises.

Kendall Press is more than just a full service printing and digital copying center for the Cambridge and Boston area that meets your deadlines reliably.

We specialize in business to business communications. Today that means social media tools like Twitter and Blogs and LinkedIn. We see a unique opportunity in the Confluence of paperNpixels™. The power of the press has never been greater.

We also passionately believe that our company produces something much larger than just paperNpixels™. We take pride in the fact that the products and services we offer help drive your success. We are strategists, cheerleaders, workers and fulfillment experts. We are among the top 15 most influential Twitter sites in Cambridge for a reason. We are all about our clients and helping them any way we can. We are a far cry from that old fashioned print shop. Just ask entrepreneurs in the area.

Kendall Press Mission Small Business of the Year
If you are in a service business, you can trust that your guests and your clients will be handled with the same extra attention to detail and outstanding care that you deliver. We want to make you stand out to your customer by doing exactly as you request. We will also provide free delivery to a local destination in Boston or Cambridge and its environs.

Kendall Press
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Cambridge, MA 02142
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