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Artwork PRINT Submission Guidelines

provide art at 300dpi in tif, eps, jpg or pdf
Platforms: PC and Mac

When sending native files, remember to include all fonts and links
  • InDesign (up to CS6)
  • Illustrator (up to CS6)
  • Photoshop (up to CS6)
  • Acrobat pdf (10)

File Formats: For quality printing, please provide vector art and/or rasterized art which is 300 dpi in the following formats:
  • tif
  • eps
  • jpg (hi resolution)
  • pdf

If you only use Microsoft products (word, powerpoint) please be aware that they often contain hidden commands and are not as production print friendly as Adobe products. So, expect some extra time, cost and occasional surprises which you can help minimize by also sending us a high res print PDF and or a screen capture to guide us.

Are you SURE you've got High Resolution Files?

Preflight Guidelines:
When prepping your files for printing be sure to preflight your files for color, fonts and file resolution. Also:

1. Provide crop marks

2. Allow for bleeds; 1/8 inch beyond the borders

3. Provide all fonts or convert fonts to outlines

4. Make all colors Spot or CMYK (each color equals a plate)

5. Supply all linked files (scans, photos, artwork)

6. Provide a High Resolution PDF or hard copy proof

7. Make sure the size is correct

8. Eliminate all unnecessary files

9. Give us your contact information: tel / fax / email / address

10. Tell us what kind of a proof you want (pdf or printed)

11. Spell check all files

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using InDesign, simply select FILE -PACKAGE and that will collect all the components that we require

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