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COMMUNITY Relationships, Memberships and Partnerships

    Kendall Press has been part of the Kendall Square business community since its founding in 1984. We are proud of the many organizations that have touched us or that we have touched along the way. The future of printing is here in this intertwined world of traditional printing, social media integration, digital on demand ("what you need, when you need it, precise and accurate") and the strong business and community relationships that make it all work. Contact Cheryl for community relations questions, ideas and interests.

    Community Memberships:



    REVOLUTION OF HOPE Music as Intervention



  1. Heidelberg - whose equipment gives us professional quality output and that means our customers get high quality printing with sheetfed flexibilities.
  2. Konica-Minolta production digital color printing and this equipment means that our customers have the greatest range of paper stocks and weights to get fast color printing, inexpensively done.
  3. Lindenmeyr Munroe one of our FSC certified paper suppliers, and the leading privately owned worldwide sales organization in the paper industry. They give us large buying power clout to get what we need and flexibility to provide the wide range of papers our customers want.
  4. Printing Industries of America (PIA) the world's largest graphic arts trade association which also hosts two Centers of Excellence (digital printing and Technology and research). They support our efforts in training and education, environment and safety and advocacy. We are a long tenured member.
  5. Thrive Hive A Kendall Square startup with an all-in-one marketing platform that gives smaller businesses a guided marketing plan and provides tools and expertise when you can't do it all alone.
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