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Kendall PRess is the leader in deploying new and traditional technology tools in a mixture of paperNpixelsTM to help young companies deliver their Business Communications messaging to their desired audience. We are a big advocate for Massachusetts as the Innovation Capitol of the world and the home of leading edge Innovators in Marketing and Entrepreneurial startups.

We can create reasonable cost websites, start you on SEO and more importantly take our years of experience and help you create the right Business Communications blend of tools to succeed quickly.

We supported the Xconomy Mobile Madness event in March 2012 with print and day of event visual imagery work. Mobile apps are a huge focus in Kendall Square and this short startup showcase by Jeff Seibert, CEO of Crashlytics, talks about the ONE BILLION app crashes that take place each day and what his company is doing about this issue. Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors, we are here to help you with any and all of your business communications needs and questions. In 2011, we supported Day2Night in their quest for success at Mass Challenge and Mass Innovation Nights. One tool we provided them was a Fast production print of a Heavy, two sided Banner to help them advertise their presence at events. It survived the tasks (update Jan 2012). Did you Vote for them at #MIN32? see more about them and innovation here.

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