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Business Communications Tools


    Business Communication Tools represent the entire class of tools that help our customers get their message out to their intended prospects and clients. Kendall Press specializes in print, strategy and communications. We have introduced kendallPRess a unique support program for our clients that cover the full range of tools to help our clients get their message out. We deploy a blend of paperNpixels(TM) to amplify our client's message and have a demonstrated track record of success with:

    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • blogs
    • YouTube
    • Constant Contact emails
    • Google +1 and Google Hangouts
    along with a fresh approach to:
    • Direct Mail
    • PostCards with a Call to Action
    • Business Cards that do something
    • printing what you need, when you need it
    • banners & posters
    • QR codes and other print extenders
    • promotional print custom logo products
    Success today means listening carefully and responding quickly to evolving marketplace requirements. New Tools appear constantly and older methods of communication needs to be retooled to maintain their value. Contact us for help in developing your Business Communication campaign.

    We walk the walk ourselves everyday so there are no mystical promises.

    We can help you consider all of your unique requirements.

    We can explore your requirements and match up the most beneficial tools to help you deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.

    We can help insure that you don't over pay and have vendors under-deliver.

    We will take on projects and campaigns that provide your team with the focused extra support you need to succeed.

    Remember "show and tell" back in school? How would you like us to host you and your new introduction in a business forum SHOW AND TELL? just ask.

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