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Analytics for Business

    Google crawls billions of sites continually. In its wake are tons of really good digital information about your company’s website and that of your competitors. But all that information is extremely difficult to access, categorize and navigate. We have been using Jungle Torch as a powerful inbound marketing engine that lets us do everything from analyzing keywords to looking at social networks to see what people are saying about our company. We test Google Analytics results against Jungle Torch findings and have come up with a game plan that works for us. Jungle Torch is as sophisticated as Google, but easier to use because we can make one phone call or send out one email and get an immediate response to our questions. If you are struggling with SEO, SEM, analytics and just plain getting found, give us a call. We would be glad to walk you through what we've learned, what we now do, and what options we can make available to your business.
  1. We can educate you on the alternatives.
  2. We can teach you some tools.
  3. We can arrange a demo
  4. We can sign you up for a website analysis. We like cloud-based architecture tools since there is no equipment to buy and no capital investment needed. Jungle Torch is subscription based and scales to small, medium and large businesses; and yes, we do get a referral fee from them but we started out as a customer well over a year ago and we like the results and ease of use for monitoring our online reputation and positioning.
  5. Jungle Torch Analytics
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