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4 Ways to Beat the Workplace Blahs


Don't let the Workplace Blahs Get you down!
Don't let the winter weather cause Workplace Blahs!


The excitement of the Holidays is long over and the weather is looking more gloomy than usual, it is no wonder that a feeling of negativity can creep into the workplace in January and February. The commutes in the icy weather can take longer and just the fact that you have to put so many layers on to keep warm can dampen the spirits. The work pace has not picked up yet, and employees are dreaming about their vacations that seem so far away.  If we can trust Punxsutawney Phil who predicted an early Spring this year, the weather should be changing shortly.  If winter decides to hang around, relax, there are things that you can do so that the negativity does not impact your productivity and drag you down.

Positive Feedback can help beat the Workplace Blahs

Lead by example. Everyone loves a compliment. Compliment your coworkers when you see they do something well. You might be surprised how well this is received and find that they may also start giving compliments as well. By encouraging the positive, it increases self-esteem. By promoting compassion and gratitude with a few kind words, it will go a long way to improve not only your morale, but the morale of the office.

Motivate by Example

Try and look at the positive in each job. Take on that new task; you will be surprised how fast the day will go by. Look at challenges as opportunities to grow and be sure to treat yourself when you finish an important task. Get that special cup of coffee you have been thinking about, you deserve it!

Change up the scenery

Why not surround yourself with the things that make you happy. You are going to spend 8 hours of your day at the office; you might as well make your surroundings comfortable. Bring in that photo that you love, the coffee mug that makes you smile, a plant to add life to your desk. Having things that you enjoy around you will increase your creativity and bring you a feeling of comfort.

Take a break and get up and move

Just getting away from a project for a few minutes will often times help to alleviate the stress you are feeling by a looming deadline.  Spend a few minutes talking with a positive coworker or just get outside and go for a short walk.  Then go back and tackle that task!

Remember, you can’t change others, but you can change yourself. Making little changes to stay positive at work can help the days pass by quickly. Before you know it, Spring will be here, the flowers and trees will be blooming and the sun will shine again and the workplace blahs will disappear again until next winter! If you need to hear a friendly voice, give Kendall Press a call. You will brighten our day and we will do our best to brighten yours!

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