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Amanda Palmer, Real Time Web Marketer - in your face - by your choice

Amanda F Palmer, musician, artist, iconoclast, community builder extraordinaire and leader in applying new tools to disrupting old paradigms, is in many ways a product of her home town. Just as Kendall Square exploded onto the media channels recently, so too has AFP, who once traveled under the radar, gained prominence and credibility by having a vision and not being dissuaded from it.
Like others in the public limelight, she has gotten her share of comments in both extremes, from rapture to rabid but she fights haters with love. Like Madonna (both the lady of Nazarath and the one from Michigan), she has her supporters, detractors, and worshippers.

Right here, Right now this Real Time Marketing persona is succeeding both globally and locally using the new tools of a new business world reality. Using them, by the way, very, very well.

Real time communicator-  check
Collaborator - check (she doesn't try to do it all herself)
solicitor of dialogue - check
Hangout/webinar/ live broadcaster - via new methodologies - check
Community of ambassadors, champions,  customers, yes real passionate customers.

This is real time, inbound marketing at its finest. AFP, the brand delivers on her promises and her customers know where to find her. She communicates across platforms.  This being a business blog, I suggest those new to her view her TEDx broadcast first. Get a good flavor of the performer/person behind the music and her business which she would tell you - is just her doing what she feels needs to get out there. Her audience is there.

Note these stats:
TEDx talk one of the top 10 all time views on you tube at just over 2,300,000 views.
Twitter followers 886,000
Kickstarter Campaign - a record setting $1.2 million raised for her art, artists, production
She still uses email and a website and blogs her way across the web.

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Her team utilizes bit.ly and other analytic tools to analyze where her customers come from, how they find her and adjust the "business plan" in real time.

A disruptor just trying to keep her vision out there to her growing audience. Here's a snippet of how she spreads her message ...
<"GET CREATIVE! whether it’s twitter, tumblr, instagram, facebook, face block, your blog, a message board you frequent, or out in the “real world” (coffee shops, record stores, etc) please share, share, share!"  >   and she does via all of the above. To each person in the manner in which they are most comfortable learning/sharing/communicating.

Tomorrow, evening, Tuesday, AN OLD STYLE ELEGANT SALON  intimacy in the modern dress of live streaming. to as many as will.  Consider checking it out and RSVP on Facebook

I intend to be there. My story of  introduction goes back to the random luck of being the presenter who followed her at Boston's 140 Conference a few years back. I was desperate, disrupted and needed to improvise. I got her (with Jeff Pulver and Matthew Ebel) to sing with me on stage before my presentation. She agreed! Been a fan ever since. (and her music's pretty good too).

I became a kickstarter supporter and advocate for AFP. She so bravely sails forth where most of us prefer not to rock the boat.

In Seth Godin's words, Pick Yourself.

Keith at Kendall Press singing with Amanda Palmer and friends

We in business all made that choice yesterday when we first opened our doors but today there are new rules and new tools to be adopted, and refined. Who knew that one day I might sing with Amanda Palmer?

Click a few links, perhaps scare yourself and find your expectations flipped on their head, or just move on quietly. We''d strongly recommend that it's time to Pick Yourself.

for the team at Kendall Press

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