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Paper Because....neither print nor pixel alone can reach your changing audience

Is your office still going 'paperless'?? How far along have you gotten? Today's savvy sales, marketing and accounts receivable folks know that there is a balance between the two worlds. Print and[…]

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Why Print? Are You Willing to Walk Away From 21% of Your Market?

How about excluding some 48% of your marketplace? No, we would never want to do that and yet, a study by PEW Research Center this year, found that a total of 21% of all Americans don't use the[…]

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BANISH BUSINESS CARDS?? A rankled re-look at a 17th century invention

Somehow my tweetdeck served up an old Xconomy column by @wroush about how to Banish Business Cards Yet, in carefully re-reading Wade's commentary, I found he never did 'banish' them, but rather, he[…]

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