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Black Friday Sales and Marketing

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With Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday just around the corner, retailers know that one of the biggest retail shopping periods of the year is about to begin. If you own a retail business, here are FIVE things you can do right now that can still have an impact on your Black Friday sales just a week away.


It doesn't matter if you are a small business or a large one, we all have inventory that didn't quite move the way we thought it would. What SKU's do you have around the store that could use a little attention? Take a picture of them and build a sales campaign around the inventory you have.


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Your promotion doesn't have to be just your products. Try teaming up with a friendly neighboring business and swap add-ons or coupons to cross-pollinate the business opportunity.

  • Restaurants – You can offer an appetizer or free fountain drink or a coupon good for an item after the holiday season is over to help boost traffic during some of the slowest months of your year.
  • Brick and mortar stores – Anything that can be scanned, stamped, punched or handed in is fair game for delivering as a promotion from your company or your friend's.


American Express started Small Business Saturday, which follows Black Friday. If you're a small business, take advantage of the sheer size of their advertising and marketing budget. They have a whole section of their website dedicated to making it a neighborhood event and they drive a lot of traffic through social media. Check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and piggyback onto their major advertising program. Some options you should consider:

  • Website – Put a Black Friday, Small business Saturday & Cyber Monday button on your site right next to your social media section.
  • Create a twitter hashtag for a product or service you want to bring attention to and offer incentives for others to join in and help get the word out.
  • An easy promotion always involves friends. Buy one and your friend gets one free, tell a friend and if they come in, you both get a coupon good for a future purchase.

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Big corporations have nothing over your business if you've been doing the right things with your data, like collecting names and addresses (street and email) of those customers who have gone out of their way to let you know they appreciate having you as a vendor…but remember that good customer relationships are a two way street.

Use your database to sort customers by vertical market type and whether they are a frequent or infrequent visitor to your business. Segment your email addresses so you can deliver a more customized message to several smaller groupings rather than sending one email spam blast to everyone. One size does not fit all nor does it need to these days when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Black Friday Sales and Marketing - Gift Wrap ©KeithSpiroPhotoBy sending out a postcard or using stickers.

  • STICKERS – Do you have catalogs around with a current year printed on it? You need to move them before they become outdated. The easiest way to move end of year items and old calendars (those business planners that nobody took) is to make a sticker with a special offer printed on it and affix it prominently to the item or SKU.
  • POSTCARDS – There is still time to put together a postcard and have us print it and even mail it for you. You can also date the postcard for after the weekend of sales and pick up where Cyber Monday leaves off.

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