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BOOK REVIEW: Real Time Marketing & PR

David Meerman Scott is a best selling author and authority on the New Rules of Marketing and PR. His best selling classic of the same name was mandatory reading for us at Kendall PRess.  REAL-TIME Marketing and PR is the follow up EYE OPENER for anyone in business today.

"Wake up, it's revolution time" he says throwing down the gauntlet in his first sentence and from that point onward,  I did not put the book down until I was done with all 225 pages of it. "Speed and Agility" are indeed "decisive competitive advantages."

I was particularly struck by his recommendation of the need for a senior position called "chief real-time communications officer." Even more striking was the vision of the marketing department of the future; Imagine sitting at a large console with multiple screens, monitors and team members tracking 'real time' web hits, tweets, comments, complaints and requests for help. Staff at the ready to respond in seconds and minutes -and not days, weeks or months to the point of resolution. I was encouraged that the playing field in business is shifting to those who are fleet of foot and listen and support rather then preach and sell. There are a bunch of dinosaurs out there and not just in the industries that are feeling disruption like ours.

"Consumer (on-line) expectations are ratcheting up," DM Scott says, but we can tell you, it's not just online. Smartphones and web searches

Business at the speed of now " the winners in this always on world:" accuracy and quickly driven by data. there is a real time impertitive facing businesses today
"the web has brought comunications back full circle to where we were a centrury ago !!!!! yes - we have a way to communicate like humans again.

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