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Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning - District Hall's electronic billboard, recognizing John Hancock as a sponsor in Boston. ©KeithSpiroPhoto

Brand positioning and brand management aren’t always the first thing a small business thinks of in day to day operation. More often than not, attention is focused on driving revenue, monitoring inventory, and ensuring client satisfaction. And rightfully so.

However, how your company is presented to and perceived by potential customers and the general market matters more than ever. Nearly all purchasers conduct research prior to making purchases or working with providers and there are countless opportunities for exposure, good bad or otherwise.

With that in mind, here are three ways to improve the position of your company’s brand without sacrificing more man hours than you can afford.

#1: Build brand consistency through messaging

You can improve brand positioning by driving your employees and customer base toward recognizing a simple, straightforward message that defines your company. Are you fast to market? Are you first to market? Do you offer the best value in your industry? Translate those key points into tangible examples of what you can do for your clients and then deliver that business output consistently in everything you do.

For example, at Kendall Press, we always talk about providing our clients with “What you need, when you need it.” We back that up by printing items like posters and business cards as fast as you need them…including same day if necessary.

#2: Improve brand awareness with your logo

With the right design and marketing, a logo can do more than just imprint a company name. It can also create a powerful visual connection between the product or service you provide and your company’s strengths. Think about the biggest, most successful brands and take your cue from them. Apple’s apple, Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s arches. Each has built a consistent brand position that has made its logo synonymous with their product, quality, and excellence of execution.

For a smaller business, the best place to start is focusing on quality of image as it relates to the quality of your organization. Be sure your logo is custom tailored for you and presented as a high-quality rendering and not a free, generic stock image.


Brand Positioning - Logos of Nike, McDonald's, Apple Companies like Nike, McDonald's and Apple have recognizable logos.


#3: Bolster brand strategy with smart hiring

At the end of the day, your brand is driven by people, not slogans or logos or any other marketing method. That’s why you should always hire the best people you can. Carefully consider the skillsets necessary for each job and search for candidates with proven track records of learning, sharing and growing. The best people doing their best to help others will always deliver above average results. Always.

From the team at Kendall Press

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