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Branding and The Value of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Screencap - Personal branding and the value of digital networking for business professionals.

Launched in May of 2003, LinkedIn is a social media platform that sets itself apart by being a digital networking hub for business professionals. Serving more than 250 million users in more than 200 countries and available in 20 languages, the platform is much more than a recruiter's go-to tool or a job hunter's online base of operations. When used properly, an account can represent a more valuable digital property for a business or its employees than one on Facebook or twitter because LinkedIn caters specifically to a business oriented audience and user base.

If you maintain a digital presence, you and your company should be on LinkedIn. Here are three reasons to start using the platform today, and why doing so can ultimately position both your personal brand and business for greater success.

1) LinkedIn is a branding tool

In daily use, LinkedIn represents an ongoing opportunity to enhance any brand by highlighting the expertise of both an organization and its employees. For individuals, LinkedIn represents a key showcase for personal branding. By maintaining an updated profile, users bolster their credibility with potential customers by displaying and quantifying experience and industry knowledge. Businesses can equally impact their brand by setting up a Company Page and using it to share key information, useful news and stories. As with any other social media platform, this creates the opportunity to increase visibility and reach by establishing a following and engaging with business professionals from around the world.

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2) LinkedIn is timely

At Kendall Press, we firmly believe in the value of creating a strong network and brand presence within your organization's geographic location. When it comes to networking events, physical business cards remain the standard for exchanging contact information. As a digital networking hub, LinkedIn serves as a natural extension and evolution of the physical networking experience. By connecting with key contacts, potential collaborators, and prospective customers, you can create a digital rolodex that constantly keeps itself up to date with current contact information. This means that if a contact moves on to a new job, you're still able to easily connect with them and continue the conversation. LinkedIn also offers a news feed, allowing users to stay up to date with changes in the market, new ideas from thought leaders, and the launches of new endeavors.

3) LinkedIn is a resource for key business research

One of the serendipitous values of LinkedIn has been its emergence as a research tool for businesses and employees. For human resources, the platform creates direct access to a large pool of qualified candidates and allows for initial research into qualifications of a potential hire. For business development, maintaining the ability to reach out to contacts and prospects based on geography, industry, and skill set is invaluable for creating conversations with the right people. For strategic leadership, the ready availability of information on potential contractors and collaborators sheds light on choosing the right partnerships. It can also offer insight into what types of roles, responsibilities, and approaches have been successful for model brands and organizations within your specific industry.

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Jason, for the team at Kendall Press

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