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Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis asks.....

How do you take your Cambridge Tap?

Leon Korzec cycling all the way from  Milwaukee
Wisconsin stopped off  for a taste test

Today is National Park(ing) Day where many parking spots around the world are "taken over" for the day and converted into a people's park. Rest and Respite. Here in Cambridge, with the Mayor's blessing, some 18 parking spots were converted to parks for the day. Some for fun, some to relax in or educate. The Mayor herself jumped into the day with a full blown drinking establishment where she was serving up some of the finest water in the country. Cambridge Tap water.

And she created the recipes herself with infusions of :
Strawberry (the most popular request)
A twist of Lemon
and her own unique infusion of fresh cut cucumber (a surprisingly smooth sensation)

Cambridge is trying to reduce the widespread use of disposable bottled water packs with its alarmingly large quantity of waste some of which makes it into the recycling stream and some of it does not. Mayor Henrietta Davis is out to remind folks that Cambridge Tap, is freely available, safe and delicious and one could carry a reusable water bottle like the many cyclists that stopped by this morning.

Toast of the city

Here she is serving up some fresh H2O to Claude-Alix Jacob, MHP Cambridge's Chief Public Health Officer who gave it a seal of approval along with David Loutzenheiser a transportation planner for Bicycle and Pedestrian programs for Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)

Did you know that Cambridge is considered America's most walkable citiy?

So we tasted tap water, printed stickers that were finalized just hours before the start and used real time web and social media to share the day with the community combining a fast turnaround of both paperNpixels (TM) for the City of Cambridge, MA!

Keith for the team at Kendall Press

all photos (c)KeithSpiroPhoto

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