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Celebrate Community - Investors Beat

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the celebration Investors Beat 100, marking the release of the 100th article in their eZine. Investors Beat is more than just an online publication for real estate investors. They are building a focused community of collaborative support for the many sectors involved in real estate deals.

This collaborative and networking nature was clearly evident last night. The format provided for food, drink and networking followed by the advertisers message, followed by the keynote presentation with lessons learned and a Q and A session. Deal Share was a unique opportunity for contractors, syndicators, engineers and architects to identify themselves to the group. . Shelli Trung,the co-founder of the Meetup and founder of Investors Beat said that despite this being the first real time gathering of the group, many have worked together over the years in previous investment situations.  Managing Director Enrico Palmerino said that Smartbooks and guest speaker Dan Botwinik of Cougar Capital Real Estate have spent years collaborating on Dan's ventures.

Dan bought his first apartment building in 2008 and now operates 333 units in 15 LLCs along with a management company to service the apartments.

Among his lessons learned:

  • due diligence is critical
  • avoiding the one bad deal is better than doing ten good deals
  • do fewer, better deals
  • get a good team behind you (accounting, management, the trades)

Investors Beat is dedicated to providing news, education and inspiration to real estate investors and there was plenty of each of those items last night. As Kendall Press, we were surprised at how many people ran out of business cards during the Deal Share opportunity. Inexpensive and powerful, business cards still beat other forms of quick contact exchange, ahem. We'd be glad to provide a gift when we print yours if you were one of those in the group that came up short.

SWAG water bottles, custom printed note padsFinally we send a shout out and thank you to Enrico for the great array of SWAG that was available for folks to take home.

Shelli is one of Australia's top 10 female start-up entrepreneurs and property investors who brings marketing publicity, a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and her own youthful start in investing perspective to real estate investors. With nearly 400 members, Investors Beat and Shelli Trang are bringing together real people doing real things. We at Kendall Press like to recognize and celebrate good things happening in collaborative ways in our community. Nice job, Shelli.

for the team at Kendall Press

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