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Congratulations Tim Rowe and the team at the CIC

Congratulations to Tim Rowe and his team over at the Cambridge Innovation Center. They celebrated their 10th anniversary in real style friday night with about 1,000 people and a milestone achievement of $1 billion invested in their client companies. Lots of 0's and 1's like the new age they are helping to usher in. But in many ways, Friday night was really like an old fashioned block party with all the floors and most every innovator's door wide open and inviting to chat, eat, drink and be merry.

Great accolades from state economic development Secretary Gregory Bialecki, state rep and city councillor Tim Toomey, and vice mayor Sam Seidel and even a few private words from Tim's mom- a name maker in her own right. The evening was a visually vibrant reminder of how much the Kendall Square resurgence is driven by the Tim Rowe's, Yoav Shapira's, and Dave Gowel's of our world.

And, hey, here's a salute to the very personable MBA class of 2011, the MIT Sloan School of Management MBA candidates that I met, complete with business cards and visions of their own. They were well represented by Jeff Feng, Max Jahn, Mercedes Politi and their crowd and we all learned from each otherwhile sharing some laughs and photo opps!

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