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"day old news is fresh enough"

I start my day with a fresh scoop of Seth Godin. Biz wiz, thinker, guru. His daily blog comment is usually short and succinct. The other day it began with his statement "The value of breaking news is dramatically overrated," and "the cost of keeping up with what someone else thinks is urgent is just too high." He went on to state "If it’s important today, it will be important tomorrow. Far more productive to do the work instead of monitoring what’s next."

This is the same man who announced, knowing his audience, that he would no longer print books - his people would still find him. I was and am still a disbeliever of his main argument but then again, I have found Seth Godin..... hmmn.

Here in Kendall Square we can easily get caught up in this same breaking paperNpixels news with each product launch annoucement. Every new technology toy get's launched with great fanfare.... but if it's important today - it will be even more valuable to adapt to it tomorrow. Just as Godin makes exceptions to the rule for emergency room physicians, we generally and wisely avoid the shiny new objects totay - and give them a chance to mature. My Android is filled with apps that I no longer use. Work that needs doing. Work that's already been identified as critical - that is work worth doing.

This item isn't critical, but it is about fun. Kendall Press is co-sponsoring the Kendall Square Third Thursday's after work event this week. Sign up here and you can canoe or kayak for free right outside our back door from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. We'll provide the popcorn, Charles River Canoe and Kayak will provide the boats and soda; you bring your picnic dinner and a bit to share.  Even if you catch this tomorrow or the day after - you'll still be in time. But generally, while this is neither critical nor urgent, this event does require your timeliness - a trait our clients appreciate from us.

Do you know the difference between urgent and critical? Not all urgent requests are critical but all critical tasks are extremely urgent - even if they don't carry the "shiny new object" seal of approval.

Critical tasks include working that business plan you made six months ago; methodically following up with all key stakeholders (who cares which new or old tool you use - long as the recipient responds to your message or request); asking for input from your best of today's clients and then listening to what they say about tomorrow's needs.

Don't stand there, new toy in hand, just do it! or as Seth would say "GO, make something happen" and if you are able to  - come bring along a picnic and join us on Thursday evening.

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