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Entrepreneur in Residence at Kendall PRess

"We no longer go on line, we are always online in this hyper connected new world" said Paul Sagan, Akamai CEO, at the Kendall Square Association Annual Meeting just last week.

The communication revolution spurred by the internet is much like the beginning of the industrial revolution and heeding the advice of Hubspot is much akin to keeping pace with Henry Ford when the auto disrupted travel and time expectations.
Much of technology's rapid pace of change emanates from right here in Kendall Square. What better place to take risk than where the future does live and thrive and grow? It is here that Akamai went from an idea to a $2B business. It is here that Hubspot has become the second fastest growing software company and has recognized the disruption that the internet's efficiency has created in changing the need for sales reps to Inbound Marketers and solutions guide.

And what of Gutenberg's legacy output? A print shop can remain just a print outlet or, like Kendall PRess, become a change agent in the new world of paperNpixels and Business Communications.

After learning from David Meerman Scott and utilizing Hubspot's Grader tools, we have created the position of Entrepreneur in Residence at Kendall PRess to spearhead the transition to a real time business communications support organization. Our clients depend on us to help them deliver their message - only now- that message is often in pixels as well as in print.

Why an entrepreneur in residence? Mark and Cheryl are keen on encouraging this journey into the seismic shift of how companies are marketing themselves and help us take Kendall PRess and our customers to where they need to be right now.

Sure, people know of Kendall PRess as a place to go for letterhead and business card printing, but we have a much bigger story to tell..


  • Hubspot's Grader tool ranks us as #15 in the Twitter Elite of Cambridge.
  • We printed the invitations to the Royal Wedding (NECN direct link to Boston) but we also
  • traveled to New York City for the Venture Emergence event.
  • We even Beta Tested Guy Kawasaki's new book What the Plus prior to its public launch at SXSW on March 9, 2012.What is going on here? We all believe that we can best help our clients by taking the very same steps along the journey of the Business Communications revolution. We are living what we preach. We have created the role of Entrepreneur in Residence because our clients who are creating marketing and advertising pieces need the latest news in this communications revolution. Not talking about it but actually doing it and passing along the lessons learned.

    Fastest shrinking job title: Sales Associate
    Largest dream for better than 82% of all Americans? Getting published.

    We've co-sponsored the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup because, indeed, we no longer 'go on line,' we are always on line; listening, finding and curating the best content to provide our clients with what they need to continue to thrive in this fast paced business climate.

    Tim Rowe, president of the Kendall Square Association and Founder of the Cambridge Innovation Center pointed out that Most New Jobs are created by Startups - nimble businesses with fewer than 20 employees that can catch the wave and bring others through the changes or create the disruptions that force change and create new jobs.

    At Kendall Press, The Entrepreneur in Residence is in the house. How can we help you with your critical tasks?



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