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EPK - Electronic Press Kits

In our last post, we explored the value of a press kit and its key components. Today, we’re going to expand on that discussion by focusing on how to make an EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, as a digital way to jumpstart your marketing programs and engage potential ambassadors for your brand.


EPK - standard press kit material image An EPK can simplify distribution.


Similar to the printed press kit, the digital version is a great tool for getting your message out quickly online with a consistent tone of voice. The basic information included in an EPK template remains very similar to what you need in a physical press kit:

An introduction
A highlight of the product or service being presented
Background on your company
Frequently asked questions and answers
A call to action.

The key difference with an EPK is your ability to use the real-time web to expand real world references and to track which information is of the greatest interest to your audience. This will allow you to quickly modify material as needed, leading to more effective iterations in shorter cycles.

Here’s how this manifests in a digital press kit:

INTRO: The EPK should open with a very short Initial Benefit Statement customized to the individual to whom it is being sent.

PRODUCT: Your product or service should be provided with a direct link to a landing page where the recipient will find key text and engaging images that you have developed ahead of time. Alt tags for images on these landing pages are helpful and should be used whenever possible.

COMPANY BACKGROUND: After a brief overview, you can send the reader directly to your "About us" page on your website. Alternately, you can create a special landing page that focuses primarily on the new product introduction.

FAQ: Not only can you provide answers to each question you’re addressing in an EPK, you can also provide additional resources support your answers accessible via links.

CALL TO ACTION: The immediacy of someone opening a digital file and being able to contact you or immediately order from you is immensely important. Take advantage of this closing opportunity by making it simple and easy to accept whatever offer you are making. Recipients should be able to say yes in just one step.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, here is where the power of data comes in. With a solid in-house database and an active approach to data tracking, you will have more than enough information on each of your prospective recipients to customize the introduction each one receives. This will drastically improve your results. You can use something as simple as mail-merge to achieve basic customization, or differentiate each contact through more sophisticated methods and products ranging from email contact programs like Constant Contact  to higher end CRM software and products offered by Thrive Hive and HubSpot. It’s ultimately up to you to determine how much effort and budget you will dedicate to providing a custom experience.

Additionally, if you've retained good data from your existing client base, you'll have an easier time targeting the right groups for specific press releases. If you haven't paid attention to all the data flowing through your organization, this is a great time to start collecting and organizing customer information. The days of blast emails and a blunderbuss approach to press releases are over. Your customers will appreciate avoiding off-target messages and your business will enjoy better relationships and sales opportunities. Companies should spend a great deal of time looking at how they are perceived by their current customers and also work to develop an approach plan for businesses and individuals they believe are ideal customers for their products and services.

EPK - CANSPAM imageOne last thing you should be aware of with an EPK:
Sending unsolicited emails run the risk of getting you tagged as a spammer. Whether it’s a company or a media person, you can't send regular email communications without paying strict attention to the CAN-SPAM laws here in the United States. If you reach out across international borders, be aware that countries like Canada have passed some of the strictest rules out there with significant financial penalties for even first time violators.

If you are having trouble getting started or wondering about pitfalls to be aware of, give us a call. We can help you get started if you're not quite ready to tackle this project yourself.

For the team at Kendall Press

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