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Establishing Credibility

Establishing Credibility - Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge ©KeithSpiroPhotoExhibiting expertise. Demonstrating value. Building reputation. Establishing credibility. These are common goals throughout the world of business. From new companies to the professionals that work for them, from entrepreneurs to proven companies expanding into new markets, every corner of industry is impacted by the accomplishment of these four goals. Success means creating the opportunity for growth, either personally or financially. Failure often means having to start from square one in the pursuit of the goals you or your company are targeting.

With that in mind, here are three ways that you can immediately start establishing your own credibility and expertise, and demonstrate the capabilities and value of your company.

1) Share Knowledge
Social platforms and digital properties represent a key means for companies and individuals to establish credibility. Sharing knowledge online also plays nicely into current expectations from customers. Today, most customers conduct their own product research, explore key company personnel, and search out reports on customer experience and satisfaction with a company before choosing who to work with and where to do business.

With competition getting tighter in every industry, customers large and small want to know that they're working with innovators and industry leaders. Websites, blogs and social media accounts like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn all offer the opportunity to put your experience on display through text, video, stories and support. Giving potential customers insight into your approach can establish a level of comfort and trust before any kind of contact even occurs.

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2) Give Presentations
Sharing your knowledge and experience does not have to be limited to the digital world. Giving live presentations in your network, neighborhood and community is a great way to demonstrate your expertise on a topic or method. It also creates the opportunity to build rapport and relationships with an audience on a more personal level.

Alex Whitmore (Taza), David Klein (CommonBond) - public speaking to establish credibilityOne major benefit of giving a presentation is that it allows people to self-identify as being interested in you, your knowledge and your services. By being in front of a self selected audience, you will be demonstrating your expertise on a subject to the very people who are looking for an expert who can help and advise them on that subject. This can lead to conversations with audience members with acute challenges who are looking for solutions that you can potentially provide.

3) Offer Training
There is exceptional value in being able to go beyond sharing your knowledge and experience and being able to teach what you have found to be effective. In many ways, this is the ultimate way to establish credibility and build reputation. By successfully teaching another person, company, or group to employ your methods, those methods (and, by extension, you yourself) become a resource worth touting.

It is also possible to generate some measure of revenue directly from your training, especially if you are savvy about making it available where your audience is willing to pay for the information and education you're providing. However, the benefit of establishing credibility through training programs goes well beyond a single source revenue stream. We have talked about the power of word of mouth marketing here before. Offering a successful training program can serve a similar purpose, and can create an army of evangelists and flag wavers spreading the word about the impact you and your company have had on their success.

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Jason, for the team at Kendall Press

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