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Exploring the State of Education NOW at the #140edu Conference

What are the effects of Real Time communication tools on the Learning Process?
How has learning and the acquisition of knowledge changed since Wikipedia, Facebook, and Twitter have taken center stage?

Are Twitter quotes, blog citations, and Wikipedia and Google references OK? Why is it not OK to refer to your Smartphone in School...and why do some conference presenters get all upset when they see their audience busy texting at their seats while others encourage it as very appropriate behavior?

Welcome to the world of Real Time Web. To quote @JeffPulver globally renowned thought leader, author and entrepreneur, "the changes in the way we live our lives must create change in the way we teach and learn. The real-time web should create profound changes in the way we think about what and how and why students and teachers can do, create and communicate ."

For Business, understanding these profound changes are critical to success. Customers, employees and prospects are all operating with new tools and new rules. #PaperNpixel  choices are made everyday. KendallPress believes so strongly in the value of good communications that we will be attending the #140edu conference. We exist in a real time marketing and PR world with disruption to tradition everywhere, what should we teach our kids?

If you have strong opinions or questions about the changing modes of Business Communications and what changes should occur in teaching the next generation, we welcome your comments here and will endeavor to carry them to the conference and report back on what we learn.

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