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Face the facts, you just blew it! (a Kendall PRess marketing moment)

OK. This is the last full work week prior to the start of the Thanksgiving through New Year's Holiday season of merry making, stressing out on work not completed and admitting that all those start and finish small jobs, long before Thanksgiving arrives, just didn't get done.

Five Full Days; quick. What three things can you bang out now and be done with.

1. Saying Thanks, before everyone else does; Christmas cards? Holiday greetings? thank you for your business cards? Do up flat cards, post cards and just sign away or hand them off to your employees for slow moments and the personal touch

2. Taking that last run at Year End Goal completion; this is the Monday you want to pull out your 2011 plan and check for progress against plan. What one last thing can you do today that will enable the most gains off the remaining broken up weeks of work this calendar year?

3. Review your LinkedIN, microsoft outlook, Twitter and accounts PAID files for names of people you have NOT been in touch with for a while. Add them to item one above and you'll do the most important thing you can to keep good connections strong. Stay in touch.


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