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Four Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Last month, I started combing the internet for a new bed and mattress.
Last week, I started shopping for them online and in stores.
Tomorrow, I’ll have everything in my house and set up.


I didn't buy online, and I didn't buy from a big chain.
I may not be the rule, but I do consider myself representative of the rising generation of consumer: I identify my needs. I research my options. I make decisions quickly, and I want immediate service and results when I act.
Here are four ways to get me, and others like me, to work with you over your competitor, whether your competitor is online, big box, or down the block:
Help me be successful on my budget.
Earlier this year, a survey conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling  determined that 57% of respondents did not understand the purpose of a budget.
Whether I’m making a personal purchase for around the house or I’m buying material for a company demo, I most likely have determined the budget for accomplishing my goal. Work with me to identify the best solution based on that budget, and I’m more likely to come back when I’m faced with my next challenge.
Educate me.
Last year, Forrester found  that 45% of US consumers would end their online transaction if they had questions that were not quickly addressed.
Just because I think I know exactly what I want doesn't mean I’m closed to alternatives that give me what I need. If you think you can provide a more effective solution, don’t hesitate to make suggestions…just be prepared to answer any questions that come from new considerations.
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Demonstrate the quality of your product/service.
In a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey , 2% of respondent acknowledged visiting stores to research a product and then buying online.  23% of respondents in that same survey conducted their research online and then went to a brick and mortar store to buy.
The internet is great for window shopping, but it can’t compare to seeing, touching, or testing a product or service. When I’m buying a bed, I want to know that the mattress meets my idea of comfort and that the bed isn't made out of cheap particle board. When I’m leasing your software, I want to know that it meets my usage pattern on a daily basis and can accommodate any curveballs that come up month to month. If your product is tangible, take me into the showroom. If your service is digital, let me give it a test run.
Give me great service.
According to Forbes , 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.
If you and your employees are happy to be at work, I’m more likely to be happy to work with you. Remember that when I visit a store online, I’m only greeted by annoying pop-up windows. Say hello. Smile. Address any questions I may have before, during, and after a purchase as quickly as you can. Resolve any problems even faster. Follow up if you’re able to.
Online only and big box stores possess limited flexibility. The item you see is the item you get, the price you see is the price you pay, and your knowledgebase is what you've managed to learn on your own. Period.
Alternately, small businesses and companies with flatter structure have an enormous advantage in their ability to address the unique needs of each individual account. If you work with me on a personal level, not only can you win my business, you can also create a powerful referral source inside of a new network that you might not already have access to.


Ultimately, repeat business is won and lost through customer experience. If you find yourself struggling to connect with your customers,  contact Kendall Press todayOur team spans the four generations currently in the workforce, and we’re happy to share our insights.If you’re working to gain access to new networks and expand the circles you travel in, reach out to us . We're highly active and love to make introductions.And if you’re based in the Greater Boston area and are looking for a new bed, let me know. I've got a great company I can refer you to.
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