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FREE LUNCH .... there's no such thing, is there?

Coming in from North Station this morning, I heard a voice shouting 'free lunch today.' Locating the source I focused on a physically small man bundled up appropriately for the cold air trying to PUSH 'free' lunch cards on passerbys. He wasn't giving away that many. "Free lunch, hey grand opening, wanta free lunch?"  I think that was the PITCH that had me and everyone else walking away head down, looking elsewhere.

Hit a red light at the corner and surreptitiously watched this #fail performance. I made eye contact, smiled and he offered me one......"want one for your wife, also?" he quietly asked.
The deal: Free Lunch, new food truck.
The caveat: first 50 people starting at 11am.

Were they hoping for a line up, some publicity, curiosity factor? Just pitching cards at the wind and hoping for the best?

Looked like the makings of #fail to me:
business card sized PITCH, printed on cheap paper, cut unevenly, delivered by an unknown entity to a knowing population (there is no such thing as a free lunch.  There is a catch. There is always a catch.

I don't know who you are, I don't know what you're pushing.  I am so unlikely to trust you or your handout proffered tentatively toward me.

Today's catch?....'first 50 customers'

Inbound Marketing works better than Pushing. Having what your prospects need and being available when they need you is everything. Trust is built over time and through others.

We can.

So can @PamSahota whose blog this morning for @oneforty included the following very powerful statement: "COMMUNICATION TODAY IS ABOUT BEING AT YOUR CUSTOMER'S FINGERTIPS"

The paragraph I pulled that quote from is here Nowadays communication is about being at the fingertips of your consumers. Consumers want to find how they can reach you at the click of a mouse button. Whether it’s via email communication, social media, and/or both. Your place of business should make it as easy as possible for your consumers, so why not connect both together? Combine your mechanism for direct response with your organic communities. Therefore consumers can find, communicate, and engage with you how and when they want to. Thus, you’re not “pushing” yourself on them, you’re “pulling” them in. Awesome."
You can read her full blog post about integrating social media with emails here:

Awesome, indeed... and no, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Your time alone has a greater value than if you wait on line, are lucky enough to be one of the first fifty and are lucky enough to get a meal you enjoy.

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