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#FutureM Week in Boston; Vision and Focus=Success

Several clear messages are emerging from FutureM week and it is great to see so many programs offered to standing room only crowds.

The city is alive with marketers and agencies and creative types all focused on learning, sharing and proving that Massachusetts is the home of superior schools, great technology and great people who want to lead the Marketing and Social Media revolution.

Chris Brogan was direct in his statement that he liked Grader from Hubspot and had no use for marketers with self serving white papers offered as contact consolidators for spammy sleeze ('gimme your email address' is what I think he said) and I quote him as saying "individuals want things that are useful like liquor and porn."

We've already seen that Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 reason people go on line. Hoorahh. So I am amused to offer this image that I believe best captures the advice as to how to win in the massive opportunity that we all see and feel.

This is meant as a serious statement because how many standing room only crowd scenes do you really want to look at? and how much static do you deal with?

Marketing comes down to a intense COLLABORATION between the person with the VISION and their CLIENT/subject. We have great new tools and many willing helpers, cheerleaders and underwriters...but SUCCESS comes down to FOLLOWING THROUGH ON YOUR OWN CLEAR VISION.

Thank you to Associate Professor Christopher Chippendale of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design for allowing me to use this image that I captured of him working quietly and most intensely along the Cambridge side of the Longfellow Bridge last week. Hurrah for Vision in Cambridge. All types of vision.

This morning's session Harnessing New Methods of Consumer Engagement also brought forth these exellent TAKEAWAYS:

John Meyer "Branded and Direct are becoming one. The world is multi channeled just like people."

Matt Britton "People are trying to become Brands, so Brands should try to become more like people."

Approachable, engaged in dialogue and listening before speaking would just about sum up the steps and the order in which they are needed to succeed.


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