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One Forty Inc. founder Laura Fitton @Pistachio, shifts her company away from consumer apps and toward business apps as she is quoted saying "We’re not really confining ourselves to Twitter any more."  Why, we might ask? (because) "Increasing budgets are being assigned to this area (social media and business apps). Excellent communicators are being thrust into the limelight and told to ‘go figure out social.’

So if 2010 was the year of social media, 2011 is now the year of figuring out how it all comes together to help business succeed. Most small to mid size companies don't have the time or the staff to assign to just one aspect of their marketing campaign or Public Relations Presence.
How do you go figure out SOCIAL
Kendall Press is keeping things simple this year: Real, Relevant and Reinvested:
Social media; that's about people talking to people.
The conversation is only relevant if you've got something to offer of value to someone else.
Invest in the success of others and it's likely you'll see a far bigger return on your investment than if you just went out there and did a more traditional marketing campaign.
Share your thoughts on how to keep social media simple and useful for your business...
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