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GoDaddy's Cambridge Office

GoDaddy Cambridge - Entryway ©KeithSpiroPhoto

GoDaddy recently opened a new office in Cambridge and I was among the attendees there to welcome them to the community. CEO Blake Irving was on hand for the official ceremony and made it clear that GoDaddy had made a commitment to opening “great offices where the great talent is.” It's no surprise, then, that they chose to situate themselves in Kendall Square, where the talent is as abundant as anywhere in the world.

GoDaddy Cambridge - Blake Irving and Auguste Goldman ribbon cutting ©KeithSpiroPhoto

GoDaddy has done a great job making the company a household name throughout its existence. They are well known for their Danica Patrick commercials and, as Google has done with search, GoDaddy has grown to be the partner of choice for domain names. In fact, GoDaddy is the world's largest domain name registrar, managing more than 57 million domains for over 12 million customers around the globe.


GoDaddy Cambridge - Blake Irving with Larry Kim and Max Faingezicht ©KeithSpiroPhoto Blake Irving with Larry Kim, founder of Wordstream, and Max Faingezicht, co-founder of Thrive Hive.


What may be less known about GoDaddy is its focus on providing good software and service for small businesses. Blake Irving acknowledged as much, noting that GoDaddy's vision is of being at the forefront of helping to shift the global economy toward small business. This is a bold vision for a big company, and Irving is no stranger to business and success. He carries a stellar track record, having had impact at companies like Xerox, Microsoft, and Yahoo prior to arriving at GoDaddy in 2013. He currently leads the company in its efforts to “help people easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures.”

GoDaddy Cambridge - View of Boston Skyline ©KeithSpiroPhotoThese goals make the Greater Boston area an ideal location for GoDaddy, especially as Chief People Officer Auguste Goldman works to hire and develop a team that he expects will be considered the most talented on the planet when it's fully formed. There are countless high tech organizations that have made the move to Greater Boston specifically because of the sheer amount of talent that resides here. Additionally, the presence of organizations like Launch Academy, General Assembly, Metis and more means that the ecosystem is teeming with a constantly growing base of capable, exceptional and downright brilliant programmers, coders and developers.

The wealth of colleges and universities in the area also contribute to providing stellar talent beyond the technical side. This allows organizations to fill roles from business development to customer service to content creation with high end hires.

GoDaddy Cambridge - Executive Team ©KeithSpiroPhoto

From a small business perspective, it will be interesting to see how GoDaddy raises the stakes with this new office opening. Even with the vast number of quality workers, the market for local developers and programmers is hotly contested. Great amenities, strong benefits and competitive starting salaries alone don't always win the day. There are unique parameters that drive people in this particular area to accept or change jobs.

GoDaddy Cambridge - Conference Space ©KeithSpiroPhotoGoDaddy's mission statement of serving small businesses should also benefit their work here and ease their integration into the community. I've personally been a customer of theirs for more than 10 years, and see great opportunity for the company to strengthen its local position through strategic collaboration and smart acquisition.

Ultimately, it's exciting to see a company with the philosophy that helping customers be successful comes first, second, and third in the hierarchy of what a business should work to accomplish. It's a philosophy that Kendall Press shares, and one that I think is worthy of praise and support.

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