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Google & Amazon Share a Dirty Little Secret

Do you know that these two very visible and very successful INTERNET companies have a not so secret program they'd rather people don't dwell upon?


Yes, paper and ink and messy variable data with stamps on envelopes.

Well, here at Kendall PRess, we are ready to share the incredible and still very timely value of Print and Direct Print campaigns.

Who can forget the full back page color ad Amazon Kindle ran in the Wall Street Journal on Sept 17, 2010? For a paperless product, they sure had a lot of nerve resorting to newsprint. Why did they do it? It scores well in being memorable and as a call to action. They undoubtedly found new customers and new business opportunities. By the way, trees are a sustainable resource. Plant them, use them, plant more of them. Kindles? If they go the way of 8 track tapes and radio tubes, the primary thing they leave behind is landfill.

Have you seen our Google places QR code? We received it like many other companies as a direct mail piece. How does this multibillion dollar company grow their sales? Direct Mail advertising. Why? Because it works. Direct Mail can locate new customers and opportunities in ways that compliment and oftentimes exceed the results of keyword searches.

You may not be as big as Amazon or Google but you should know that direct mail is a great way to deepen customer loyalty and increase front-of-mind awareness. Yes, even in today's Social Media, internet, and on-line frenzy.

Do you know what it takes to “wow” your customers and prospects? Collaborate with us and let us help you find out. We are not trapped in an all print or all pizel matrix. No matter what your need, we can create the look, produce a fine product, and distribute that product to your customers and prospects. We are committed to finding the best way to get your word out. And that's no secret.


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