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Make Your Own Electronic Letterhead - Digital DIY

Handy with a computer and looking to improve the branding of your company? We've put together a short tutorial on how to make your own electronic letterhead. By following this guide, you'll be able to take your printed letterhead and whip up a digital version in no time at all.

This is written up for a pc, so follow along with our instructions and we'll have you making progress in no time!

1. Make a RGB good tif file of the letterhead (check it out in Photoshop to see quality)
2. Open Word
3. Go to File>Page Setup
a. Select Layout Tab
b. put “0” in as values for Header and Footer
c. exit
4. Go to View>Header and Footer
5. Go to Insert>file
a. place your file
b. it may need to be resized and/or positioned
6. Right click on image
a. Select Format Picture
b. Select Layout Tab
c. Select Text Behind Picture
d. exit
7. Close out of Header and Footers
8. Set margin for typing
9. Save

Don't forget, you can always contact us and have us make digital letterhead files as a companion to your printed letterhead work order.

From the team at Kendall Press


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