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GOT DOCS? The Kendall Press not overly technical series on getting better print results

Got your document ready to send to us?
(you can bring it into our shop via a thumb drive (or CD) OR you can upload it from your desktop to our server without ever leaving your desk)

When sending native files, remember to include all fonts and links
(if your designer created it they’ll know which of these tools they used)
• InDesign (up to CS4 – use the ‘package’ command to capture it all)
• Quark Xpress (Mac: 6.1; PC 7.0)
• Illustrator (up to CS4 – must manually insure fonts are all included)
• Photoshop (up to CS4 –we love high resolution PDF’s)
• Acrobat pdf (9- ditto – we love high resolution PDF’s)
• Microsoft Word
File Formats: For quality printing, please provide vector art and/or rasterized art which is 300 dpi in the following formats:
• tif
• eps
• jpg (high resolution)
• pdf (high resolution)

Preflight Guidelines:
When prepping your files for printing be sure to preflight your files for color, fonts and file resolution. Also:

1. Provide crop marks

2. Allow for bleeds; 1/8 inch beyond the borders

3. Provide all fonts or convert fonts to outlines

4. Make all colors Spot or CMYK (each color equals a plate)

5. Supply all linked files (scans, photos, artwork)

6. Provide a pdf or hard copy proof (we love a guide copy to help us achieve exactly what you want)

7. Make sure the size is correct

8. Eliminate all unnecessary files

9. Give us your contact information: phone / fax / email / address

10. We will send you a digital PDF proof which you want to review carefully and approve

11. Spell check all files (we’re good guessers, but we won’t contradict you if you meant guess seers but rote guessers. You’re gonna get guessers in the proof copy– Please spell check and visually check all your work at the proof stage. Once approved – we will print it quickly for you.
Spell check catches many errors but you might might still want to review it one more time visually to insure accuracy.

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