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Happy Monday

Happy Monday.
A, cold, wet, rainy December morning and yet the greetings around our shop is always “”Happy Monday, happy Monday to you too.” Our production folks start streaming into the shop around 7am with the last of us arriving by 9am and the daily dance completing itself as the first production crew departs at 4pm and the last of us leaving 7pm and even later.
What's in a greeting? What is the message being communicated in this simple Monday ritual?   This is a team that enjoys what they do and enjoys working together. By the way, it is almost always said with a big smile or a grin and a hearty laugh.
My one hour commute by bus took over two hours this morning. Our driver, Greg, sent us off with the message…’”be sure to tell your afternoon driver that we made record time this morning, using the breakdown lane several times…..”   Notice he didn’t say record fast or record slow time, but he did give us a friendly, fun send off to our day.
On Friday, a group of  young Samaritans were out in force smiling and waving   to passers by and handing out this postcard. This is all part of their SOCIAL EXPERIMENT (social media, perhaps). The lab being all of greater Boston.
Follow the QR code and it leads you to their site and their message of making our world a happier place and they do this one smile, one interaction at a time.
So, here’s our Monday prescription for a better week. Start your Monday with a smile and share it.   Hand it off and pass it along. This is
 at its very best.
Happy Monday Folks.
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