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Has the Internet turned your Business Communications Department into a Lab Experiment?

Sounds like a good title, huh? Well I can't take credit for it. I changed it somewhat from an eyecatching blog title quoted this morning in Xconomy, coming from Nathaniel Borenstein the chief scientist at Mimecast, a UK based email provider in an interview with one of my favorite Xconomy reporters, Greg Huang ( @gthuang ).  You can read the full story here Coffee Spam and what the web is doing to our minds. I highly recommend putting Xconomy on your reading list, particularly if you want some guidance trying to peek around the corner at the future.

Borenstein and Huang talk about the loss of 'deep thinking' and increase in distractions and interruptions; sustainability coming from good ideas and not just technology driven and that's where this post comes in. Based on our Google Analytics, mobile phones still represent a small all-but growing access point to our company. We frequently hear about the end of books and paper and the triumph of  'paperless' . But, here at Kendall PRess, we are focused on helping our clients get their messages out. We used to compete with tons of direct mail pieces - junk mail. Now our mailboxes  are filled with the technological version of junk mail, SPAM.

My internet provider at home thinks nothing of taking over 20% of my "lame zone" communications page where ads flash, pop and blink at me. Not only is it distracting, but I'm paying a hefty price for this disservice feature.

We believe the circle has come round and traditional forms of communications carry more weight now than ever, if only because fewer people are using these methods. Postcards, personalized printed invitations gain long yardage (ok, I've been watching football) and stand a better chance of being opened than the hundreds of inbox clogging emails. Even Twitter has screening capabilities.

So, we're reaching out to overworked Vice Presidents of Marketing, and Chief Real Time Web officers and suggesting that with just a little deep thinking and a combination of old fashioned tools and new ones, we all won't have to re-invent the wheel to help the squeeky ones capture the gold.

Just think. #paperNpixels How would you like to be approached? Simple, direct and pertinent!

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