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Having a Problem with Sales and Marketing Results?

The business communications model has changed dramatically and with it, sales and marketing tasks and positions are not, and should not be, what they once were.

Cold calling, long the bane of business is dead. No receptionists. No building access. No phone numbers beyond a phone tree. No rude pushing past the ‘gatekeeper’ to get to your “target decision maker.” Dead, gone and rightly so. In today’s real time communications world, even a phone call without a previously texted request can often be considered rude.

Over the last two years we have studied David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing and PR (it was a job prerequisite), read Seth Godin’s Linchpin, met and followed (in a nice way) Chris Brogan and have become a big fan of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, founders of Hubspot and co-authors of Inbound Marketing. Business is fun again. People respond to people, not apps or bots.

We’ve religiously used Hubspot’s Grader tools and soaked up every bit of knowledge gleaned from their webinars. We’ve used Google’s adwords and Analytics and chose to deploy Jungle Torch to deep dive into our data. Owner Mark Lemley and I were both trained in the worlds of science and industry. The data is very, very clear.

Mass marketing is dead. Shutter your factories that crank out millions of the same “stock” items, images, photos, obnoxiously intrusive banner ads, cookies and other sticky intruders. How special can your business be when you use the same email template, stock photography, and sales director deployment as everyone else. Don’t your customers just feel your love when they accidently get that DEAR email blast, and we have all received at least one of those. “Oopps.”
Guy Kawasaki talks about Enchantment and I am a proud beta reader of his new eBook about Google+ to be released at SXSW.

I’m one of Jeff Pulver’s CHARACTERS

and we tested the change from print shop to Business Communications company in a presentation at the State of Now Conference in Boston. Each month our Boston Internet Marketing Meetup group of six hundred members talks about non-paper, non traditional ways of being found by our niche markets. All markets are now niche markets. Some are just bigger than others.

Sales Directors are dinosaurs. We have officially retired our title this morning.
There is nothing to direct, nothing to manage. If we are to successfully assist the transition taking place in Business Communications, we need to lead, use and help each other with the myriad of new tools coming out every day.

These tools are available to each of us, in every business sector, to listen, understand and deliver on the needs of the marketplace. Any marketplace. This is the exciting new world of Business Communications, Analytics and Inbound Marketing.



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