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Helping the Boys and Girls Club of Cambridge

banner printed and donated by Kendall Press

Last night, the Kendall Square Association, sponsored by Amgen, hosted October’s Third Thursday event right around the corner
from us and Senior Amgen Manager
 Christopher Barr was on hand to meet and greet and hand out drink tickets and meal passes.   
photo by Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRessHere he is trying unsuccessfully to hide behind the KSA banner. But, we all know who was responsible for seeing that KSA members were treated to a Ribs, pulled chicken, and pulled pork BBQ from Redbones. Thank you Chris. And, actually, the real thanks goes to everyone who, rather than just stand around the beer garden, put down the beer (we’re not saying how), paid the fee, and picked up the utensils to carve pumpkins on behalf of this month’s showcased non profit – The Boys and Girls Club of Cambridge with a fund raiser campaign called The Great Pumpkin Glow
BMR team in front of Giant printed banner donated by Kendall PRess
The BMR team at the Great Pumpkin Glow's giant event banner

The Bio Med Realty team came through with flying colors getting people, pumpkins and posters in place just in time for the big event.  A great start for local Business Communications, although the trickle down theory of flyer and event info sharing could have been even stronger from the Big Companies in town who we’ll get more engagement from next year! Do you hear us KSA big companies?  

Leading the crew were Maria Farias and Lindsay Sard of BMR. The event drew more than 200 people, saw a giant banner materialize overnight, miraculously had enough materials on hand to carve a huge number of  pumpkins (anybody get a final count?) by young and old alike and in the end, raised just shy of $25,000 in much needed operating funds for the Cambridge Boys and Girls Club.
the great pumpkin Glow banner printed by Kendall PRess
Club members flanked by ED Lorita Williams and Amgen's Chris Barr
What a great introduction for newly named Executive Director Lorita B Williams who as acting director has also been a driving force behind helping bootstrap local High school kids in prep for their first week of college.

If you’d like to help push the club over the $25k mark – please contact Lorita at the Boys and Girls Club via email here. or call them at  (617) 623-7370  . 
a wee bit lonely at  times
at the
beer garden
with so many families
in attendance

Must have been the good weather, the pumpkin carving and smuttynose pumpkin ale that brought out a strong showing of emotion for soon to retire Jim Kappel of Marriott and soon to move to Vermont, Lena Sharp, our KSA committee co-chair. (#devastated)

Lena is looking for good connections in Burlington Vt. – jobs- housing- restaurants and Jim has volunteered for anything the KSA needs. Really, Jim? Have we got a list for you. How are you at stuffing envelopes, direct mail, email and phone and print campaigns?
Come by and sign up anytime. We can keep you busy.Meanwhile, enjoy the images carved out from The Kendall Square Pumpkin Challenge ........
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
trace from paper
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
free style from paper
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
ready to wipe'em clean
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
digging in
day in photos Keith Spiro courtesy of Kendall PRess
yes, we spotted the ghostly handiwork of Chris Barr, Amgen
day in photos by Keith Spiro photo and banner courtesy of Kendall PRess B
a fine ghostly glow at sundown illuminated the giant banner


story and day in photos

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