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If you build it, they will find you

Remember that line from Field of Dreams?  
"If you build it, he will come"

Well, yesterday we started to redesign our customer print order pick up   space. We eliminated the clutter, removed the boxes strewn everywhere and created multiple workspaces.  
  • First, we carved out space for our team and clients to be able to spread out and review key documents; one person or a team of eleven.
  • Next we stet up our first space for the Kendall PRess College learning center; take a look at the sign at the top of the photo- it's now part of the room's name
  • Last for the day, we set up a mock up of a trade show booth space since many of our clients participate as vendors in trade shows and executive education programs.

We were proud to have completed an in-house classroom to support lifelong learning. To stay competitive and keep up with changes in our business and social communications world, we will all have to become life long learners!

As our journey of transition from just a print shop to a team of Business Communications experts continues, we have been asked by several clients to share some of the lessons learned and talk about the process, and discoveries we have made along the way. We have proven that INBOUND marketing really works. We have added project leadership to insure everything we do is focused on client outcomes. 

We listen more and have begun to ask better questions and as a result we  are providing more valuable services that help our customers achieve thir goals. We've tested tools from HubSpot, Jungle Torch, Google Analytics, and bit.ly for tracking.

We have learned the business value of Twitter, Linked IN and Yelp. Tomorrow, we will begin the installation of LEAF and test our #paperNpixels ideals with a real product that is just coming out of Beta testing. Yes, we are working with start-ups and entrepreneurs to better understand the changing business and communications environment. We have been   successful in being found by more people when they need us. 

Inbound marketing, a strong web presence and real time web tools that include social media and analytics tracking have propelled our visibility to more people at the right place and at the right time.   We have also tested and discarded a whole lot of other "innovations in progress" along the way.  Some not ready for prime time, some not appropriate for our business plan.

Someone asked why we were building out the space; would people come? We had no sooner  cleared the tables than that team of eleven folks stepped into it and occupied the space putting it to their good use!

Next month, we expect to begin Kendall PRess learning sessions and opportunities. We hope you will consider joining in on the sessions that add value to your business.

We have built it, will You come join us?

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