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Kendall Press at the Entrepreneur's Walk of Fame

Exciting times in Kendall Square. September 16, 2011 was the inauguration and announcement of the first seven inductees to Kendall Square's Entrepreneur's Walk of Fame. Brainchild of MIT's Bill Aulet, the cause was taken up by Bob Buderi of Xconomy, Tim Rowe of the CIC and Cambridge City Councillor  Leland Cheung.

We had been printing and hiding the signs for days and it's good to know that while Hollywood may have its movie stars, Kendall Square is constantly giving birth to life changing, society changing inventions and ideas.
The First round of inductees
Bill Gates - co founder of Microsoft
Steve Jobs - Cofounder of Apple Computer
Bob Swanson - Cofounder of Genetech
Bill Hewlett & David Packard - Cofounders of HP
Mitch Kapor - Founder of Lotus Development Corp.
Thomas Edison - Founder of GE; inventor; innovator and parent of two MIT alums

My absolutely favorite photo opportunity from the event:

(Mitch Kapor presenting and great grandson of Thomas Edison in  background with clock) Can't help but get the feeling of Thomas Edison looking over the shoulder of his Great Grandson looking over the shoulder of Mitch; past, present and future.

Kendall Square is truly an amazing place; a place where in the same afternoon you can have an engaging conversation with the Great Grandson of Thomas Edison and a few words with both Mitch Kapor and Desh Deshpande or get your City Councillor in an even livelier discussion.

Here are some images of the posters; go check the real ones out in person -  use the #QR codes and continue to merge #paperNpixels  past and future in a community filled with Entrepreneurs.


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