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Kendall PRess onboarding with Charles River Canoe & Kayak

Among the many guests at the Kendall Square Association's Third Thursday program that we co-hosted with Charles River Canoe and Kayak were Tim Rowe, President of the Cambridge Innovation Center and Andre Porter, the Executive Director of Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. You can also see the rest of the photos by clicking on the image.

If you're a small business (and 85% of all businesses in Massachusetts fit this description) and need ideas, support, guidance or great examples of Innovation, you don't need to look much further than Kendall Square. Where else can you find the density of access to people of interest than here. Kendall PRess hosted the evening to give local neighbors and businesses a 'broad' canal view of the opportunities in our midst. We were joined by Cambridge Police dept, the Marriott, Alexandria Real Estate, the Executive Director of KSA and many others. We used visual imagery, paperNpixels, direct mail and eMail to contact the full membership. Please join us - or call for details. September's event will be an art event just down the street from us. Indeed, the center of the Innovation Economy is right here.

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