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Kendall Square Association Fifth Annual Meeting – The Preview

Bettina Hein, Pixability CEO, photo by Keith Spiro
Who can ever forget those famous German words  Ich bin ein Berliner  spoken last year at this time by Bettina Hein, the Pixability CEO,  which by the end of her presentation loosely translated to I AM OF KENDALL SQUARE, a girl geek, and proud of it!  While it may have been John Kennedy in June 1963 who first said it, Bettina’s moving keynote speech was amazing enough that I sent it to everyone in my family who is raising a teenage girl right now.  This is among the serendipitous delights found while attending any Kendall Square Association event, and even more predictable with the annual meeting.
Henri Temeer, former Genzyme CEO photo by Keith Spiro
Go back a year earlier and we saw the momentous presentation by Genzyme CEO Henri Termeer  just days before Sanofi announced a $20 Billion buyout purchase of his company. He, too, is still around the Square and is now advisor to Prosensa, a fledgling Drug Developer while busy juggling multiple opportunities like the rest of us.  
As is our tradition, keynote addresses from established and entrepreneurial sides of the square are paired up.  This year it is MIT president Rafael Reif who spearheaded online learning, MITx and edX along with the Founding Executive Director of LabCentral, Dr. Johannes Fruehauf who will speak.  The Future is here and you’ll get a sneak peak at it with the presence of newly appointed Deputy Director Alexandra Lee and Member and Community Relations Director, Janneke House.
first edible QR code; creator kendall press, photo by Keith Spiro
As always, there will be breakfast, this time coordinated by Phoodeez and Area Four. But we won't let anyone forget that Kendall Press still holds claim to creating the first ever Edible QR code, served to a wonderful group of invitees at our shop not all that long ago.
densest square mile of innovation on the planet, Tim Rowe photo by Keith Spiro
So, If you haven’t figured it out by now, if you haven’t been to a KSA Annual meeting then you've really not experienced the full power of “the densest square mile of innovation on the planet.”
By the way, even John Kennedy had a connection to Kendall Square.  He tried to create NASA headquarters right here. We all know where it ended up, but did you know that the Volpe Center was our consolation prize. So, it is most fitting that as KSA celebrates its 5thanniversary, staking its place as innovation capitol of the world, we will meet at the Volpe center, a federal government, high security location sharing a wee bit of transparency with the rest of us.
You should register in advance and have your ID papers with you. You will need a little extra time to pass through their security checkpoint,
Be There.
Be Square.
Kendall Square that is.
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