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Kendall Square Association Third Thursday Event at Venture Cafe with photos

This month’s Third Thursday Event in Kendall Square gave us a chance to explore the Cambridge Innovation Center and the Venture Café. CIC is home to some 450 startup companies and contributes to Kendall Square being “the most innovative mile on the planet“ TM

Our tour host was none other than Geoff Mamlet, the Managing Director of the CIC. While the group was the usual number of 30-40 attendees, most of the faces were different and evenly split between first timers (at the Venture Café) and fast trackers.
Through the KSA's Community Outreach Program, we met

The Possible Project, a Cambridge-based non-profit serving high school students who have untapped potential but face multiple barriers to success. TPP offers a year-long program for students to learn the basics of business and entrepreneurship; conceive, launch, and run their own businesses; work for one of TPP's in-house businesses; and take part in workshops, events and job shadowing to learn crucial 21st century skills. What better place to learn about them than in the one building on Planet Earth with the greatest number of startups and entrepreneurs.

I don’t’ have a kitchen like this at home but Geoff talked about the power of food to nurture conversation and creativity both of which are in great supply 24/7. He could not disclose the actual numbers of bananas consumed (failure to track not failure to disclose) but he told us they do get replenished every two days.

I split off from the tour so I could take in the KICKSTARTER panel discussion

MC’d by Scott Kirsner and came away with my own box of environmentally and gastronomically friendly popcorn from the good folks at Quinn popcorn

Room reserved for 26 people
Photo shows many more than that

Here’s how Chris, the survey bouncer increased the response rate to better than 80% (come on folks, it’s only a one question survey).

All groups converged at the Venture Café, the regular Thursday night gathering for the creative and entrepreneurial community.

Here’s this Day in Photos by KeithSpiroPhotography courtesy of Kendall PRess.

an active member of the Kendall Square Association outreach committee

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