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Kendall Square Eat Up

day in photos KeithSpiroPhoto
all photos in this blogpost ©KeithSpiroPhoto 
The Kendall Square Association just presented The KendallSquare Eat Up – a tasty variation on local MEETUp events. And, as a Business Communications company, Kendall PRess has been fortunate to have provided sponsorships to both the  Kendall Square Eat Up and the Boston Internet Marketing Meet Up.
Kendall PRess Keith name badge
Why’d we do it? Well, the Meetup sponsorship is easy. We are all about learning new things and teaching what we've been educated to in the ways of internet Marketing.
Why the Eat Up? Well, ‘er, let’s see…There’s the food; the beverages.  We got to try out a whole lot of new restaurants at once. There were lots of good samplings from more than a dozen restaurants that have popped up in our neighborhood in just the last year.
 For one night only, they were all in one place, all under one roof. And while it’s best not to compete with restaurant reviewers –I’m just saying –there was enough food around to eat your favorites in a quantity to satisfy and yet the individual portions were small enough that we could be adventurous on new and exotic dishes.
Capturing the visual imagery of the evening, I went over to Kika and the chef hosts could only say CHEESE – no literally. Their entire setup was filled with exotic cheeses from around the world. Hot, numb your tongue, aged and delicious.
All 400 tickets were sold and the atrium setting was ideal on our now cold autumn evenings. But,
those who signed up for VIP treatment got to hang out with their private chef's & beer and wine sommeliers from Catalyst restaurant, Area Four, Cambridge Brewing Company, Rapscallion and Harpoon in these classy digs:
posters printed by kendall press
Server from Catalyst intent on his work

posters printed by kendall press

Talk about cloud computing...the rest of the cloud descended in an orderly fashion and picked the tables clean.

At our monthly Meetups- we always try to provide a few constants:
>Time for networking   
>   Something or someplace to eat and drink   
One good takeaway that you can implement immediately for your business
   Best visual takeaway from the EatUp was Cambridge's own home grown Science Festival - experiment with musical fruit
Our sense of this special Eat Up was no different than that of our regular meetups..
1>    There was lots of good networking time. Business cards got exchanged over cups of chowder and under banners and posters
2>   Copious amounts of food and beverage were everywhere. And there were fish bowls collecting paperNpixels (business cards & email addresses) at many tables. We came away with coupons for free panini’s and 10% meal discounts. All in all a great evening.
Here are some more good takeaways:
  most creative display:
water bottles spelling out Eat Up
best accent:
yes, that would be the rich Irish brogue from the guys at Tommy Doyle's

calmest looking scene:

And, a special shout out to the
team at fuji, who, knowing my love of Sushi,
sent their people out with a smile and kept my plate full all evening long. Thank you.

photo of fuji at kendall sign photo by keith spiro
fuji at kendall

And lastly, who would have even heard of this event without help from this whole group of fine sponsors:

 this Kendall PRess blogpost and day in photos   ©KeithSpiroPhoto  & sponsored by Kendall PRess
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