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Kendall Square Event Planners Event

Kendall Square Association stepped up the visibility and accessibility levels of support for company outing and party planners; event planners and educational conference planners who need to have food vendors, catering, banners, signage, printing, gifts (like promotional items or upscale recognition), and tablecloths readily available. We all used Eventbrite as the electronic RSVP tool of choice.
Yesterday,  22 retail organizations of the KSA along with site host Marriott Boston/Cambridge (that would be Executive Chef Doug Pini and Senior Catering Sales Manager Tracey Freitag, under GM extraordinare Jim Kappel,  hosted nearly 100 event planners and business champions responsible for choosing the food, the décor and the recognition and support needed to pull together those all important business events.

Brainchild of KSA board member (and chair of the retail committee),
Eric Quadrino owner of MexiCali Burrito Company, and four years in the making, the event went off flawlessly with much laughter, too much food, and neat carry bags for all the SWAG (stuff we all get).

Sightings of KSA board and or committee members Jim Kappel, Lena Sharp, Sarah Gallop and Tim Rowe,  added to the festive, supported and connected atmosphere.

Three years ago, you might have starved to death looking to gather all of this information. Today, a quick connection with the Kendall Square Association and an Event Planner Handbook is readily available to business meeting planners and event planners around Boston and Cambridge. This Kendall Square resource has grown explosively in the last couple of years. Here are just a few of Keith Spiro a day in photos from yesterday’s event.


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