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Kendall Square Welcomes MSFT Technology Center

The most dense mile of innovation and entrepreneurship in the universe just added another 300+ citizens.  Kendall Square just saw Governor Deval Patrick attend the opening of a new state-of-the -art Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) as part of the expansion of their New England campus right here in Kendall Square. This is one of only ten MTC's in the USA and one of 22 total worldwide.

Mayor Davis, Governor Patrick, Craig Hodges at the podium

The open house event featured Governor Deval Patrick, Cambridge Mayor Henrietta Davis and city Manager Bob Healy all being hosted by Microsoft Northeast General Manger Craig Hodges and Kirsten Kliphouse, VP of US Enterprise and Partner Group.

cambridge city manager bob healy & Kelly Thompson Clark Exec Dir Chamber of Commerce at the event
Bob Healy Kelly Thompson Clark

As city manager since 1981, Bob Healy,  has surely seen a lot of change here in the Square but the mayor and governor both spoke eloquently about the old canals and manufacturing that is no more.  Candy and twine manufacturing has been replaced by the NERD Center and a whole lot of giving back to the Cambridge Business and startup communities.  Kelly Thompson Clark, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce has been driving city wide collaboration and networking for years. I'm sure she appreciates the helping hands.  Microsoft's campus is state of the art and allows industry leaders and technology experts to work together to envision, create and demonstrate customized solutions based on Microsoft and partner technologies of which there are more than 3,000.

Governor Patrick getting Adult Education and executive education overview
Craig Hodges and Governor Patrick

Craig Hodges said "Microsoft New England is now together in the heart of the most engaged tech and academic communities in the world."  Education at every level from grade school to high school to Adult Education and Executive education.

Govenor Deval Patrick at Microsoft Kendall Square paperNpixels
so this is where paperNpixels come together.

Education, collaboration and business all go well together - just like paperNpixels - as you can see from this image above of new collaboration technology. The printed ID card can be read electronically and release information to appropriate collaborators - here medical specialists.

Governor Patrick and Edwin Gaurin Microsoft Academic Evangelist
Edwin Guarin's team presents to Governor Patrick

For me, The most exciting part of the tour was meeting with Edwin Guarin, Microsoft's Senior Academic Developer Evangelist and seeing presentations of the projects his PhD, grad and undergrad assistants/students/intern collaborators from Harvard and MIT were working on. This guy represents the future of learning and I was enthralled by the many activities and explorations going on under his watch. Academic Development is an area we'll keep a focus on! Love the title Academic Evangelist.

A product called Kinect has potential of aiding ALS patients though we mostly saw a demonstration of color, sound and text integrating through movement. Those of us with more years are acutely aware of the medical achievements products like Kinect and HealthVault are capable of delivering for the common good.

Welcome to Kendall Square all 300+  new to us Microsoft people. There is lots to do and many folks to meet around here. Bring your business cards.


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