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KSA Annual Meeting at the Volpe Center

It is often said that a business’ fifth anniversary is an important milestone in assessing the longevity of an organization. The Kendall Square Association has now entered its sixth year of operation, and while Tim Rowe continues to offer up his seat to the next volunteer President of the KSA, his steady hand and long view have helped grow the identity and purpose of the group; a collaboration of businesses and companies that make up the Kendall Square ecosystem.  The biggest change this year is the newly created shared management and leadership responsibilities of our new Deputy Director, Alexandra Lee, and Director of Member and Community Services, Janneke House.
Leaf Co-founder Sebastian Castro, Al Chase, Christian Escobar
NEVCA's C.A. Webb and Microsoft's Sara Spaulding
KSA is about collaboration, open access and serendipitous meetings that foster amazing opportunities within what Tim Rowe calls “the densest square mile of innovation on the planet.”
MIT President Rafael Reif 's  Keynote, Accelerating Innovation, emphasized openness and accessibility. Dr. Reif has long been the driver behind innovation in teaching, edX and other eLearning programs. While emphatically making his point from the podium, we found him to be particularly approachable for both conversation and photo opportunities.
MIT Pres Reif, Phoodeez Christine Marcus and Sal Lupoli
As is our custom of pairing a well-known local personality with an up and comer, a presentation on Changing the Way Biotech Startups are Built was passionately delivered by Dr. Johannes Fruehauf
Founder and Executive Director of the soon to open  LabCentral.org
Dr. Johannes Fruehauf is a serial Life Sciences innovator who I first met when he started ViThera. With Kendall Square being one of the most active Life Sciences Clusters in the world, it was only a matter of time before someone figured out co-working space for Life Sciences.  It was exciting to hear Johannes speak of being able to now fill this need with a world-class environment for entrepreneurs and a fully functional Life Sciences laboratory within the Kendall Square
Innovation Hub.
Showing off a nonprofit at each of our events is also our custom,and space and posters were made available to showcase the upcoming Cambridge Science Festival in April.   The KSA's own signature Third Thursday event occurs that week and we welcomed the Science Festival as a special Third Thursday Science Crawl around the Square.
Alexandra, Travis and Janneke

With much networking access time available before and after the event, newly appointed Deputy Director Alexandra Lee and Director of Member and Community Relations get to share thoughts with Travis McCready, Vice President for Program, The Boston Foundation.

Morning food and beverages for the approximately 200 attendees was coordinated by Phoodeez and featured food from AreaFour. Phoodeez is a great "event eating made easy" startup with co-founders  MIT MBA grads  Christine Marcus and Salvatore Lupoli, better known as Sal's Pizza. Yup. That guy.
The Kendall Square Association is always looking for volunteers to help create, run or sponsor programs and help deploy technology as well. Contact Janneke house@kendallsq.orgor Alexandra Lee@kendallsq.org and let them know how you can help.
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