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KSA Third Thursday at The American Red Cross

The Kendall Square Association’s Third Thursdays were designed to show off the incredible range of companies and places we have right here in Kendall Square. This January event was particularly special as we kicked off the Association’s third year of 3 rd Thursday networking events with a big gathering at The American Red Cross, Eastern Massachusetts Region Headquarters.   They've been here on Main Street for more than five years but most of us only recognize them by the blood drives and the TV news spots where we briefly see Red Cross signs at a large scale tragedy where people are often shown displaced from their homes by fire or storm.
In fact, a learning experience over at HubSpot created the opportunity for those two organizations to work closely together for fundraising and awareness in 2012 and so they co-sponsored our event.
We believe that when it comes to inbound marketing and getting the word out, or more correctly the right words to the right people, nobody beats HubSpot. This is of course a personal opinion but when you check out their weekly Friday Marketing Update on HubSpot TV and learn from the many free tools and seminars they offer, you too might become an inter-galactic HubSpotter Groupie.  Just to be safe, we mix paperNpixels (TM) to achieve visibility for our clients.
Tim Rowe welcomed the large group of over 100 attendees and introduced both Jarrett Barrios, Executive Director of this Red Cross Region and Dan Slagen who leads Global Marketing Relations for HubSpot. We got a tour of a disaster area situation room and staging area and it looked quite a lot like my desk, but we also learned some amazing facts:
1.        The Red Cross is the largest provider of food to the needy providing million meals (over $2 million in emergency groceries) through their Boston and New Bedford food pantries
2.        Assisted almost 1,000 local families in the aftermath of disaster with $550,000 in direct financial assistance
3.        Taught preparedness, health, safety and nurse assistant training to more than 80,000 individuals
As usual, some very interesting opportunities for collaboration develop at these events and in addition to the five year quiet presence of the Red Cross, we discovered The Mojahed brothers who have been running businesses right here in Kendall Square for nearly twenty-eight years, that's almost as long as we've been here.
 Ahamad owns Arrow Dry Cleaners, shoe repair and tailoring and his brother Mahmood has the distinction of having the only business in Kendall Square where you can get acetaminophens like Tylenol, ibuprofen like Advil and that very basic mainstay Acetylsalicylic acid, better known as aspirin. Kendall Market is the closest thing we have to a pharmacy here in the square, despite the overwhelming presence of pharmaceutical companies. Hint to bio pharma: to keep Kendall Square a great place to work and to live –we need our pain relievers.
What makes the Kendall Square area so unique is the type of interaction that took place between Mahmood and Ahmad Mojahed and Jarrett Barrios as the brothers offered to donate their services to the American Red Cross to translate Farsi for those in need here, or in the Middle East. In a region where there is much unrest, Ahmad spoke for many when he said “the Red Cross is the one organization that is truly respected by all factions.”
So, thank you Jarrett for showing us the behind the scenes world of The Red Cross. Thank you Ahmad and Mahmood for stepping up and volunteering. There are other ways you can help the Red Cross locally:
2.        Volunteer in food collection and distribution
3.        Sponsor a program
4.        Stop in and offer some of your time and expertise.
the large crowds
Eastern Bank Vice President Carolyn Goff with  Valerie Navy-Daniels, Chief  Development officer for the Red Cross
Carolyn Goff wins the raffle from Sock Donations!
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