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KSA – Third Thursdays – Showcase for Community Non-profits, new restaurants and new product launches – Yes, an entrepreneur’s paradise.

Ah, the intricacies of business relationships in the world of entrepreneurs in  Kendall Square;  Home of MIT, Google East, MicrosoftEast, startups and Venture capitalists.  Come travel with us on our Third Thursdays events and you can learn a whole lot about Business Communications, successful marketing techniques, guerrilla marketing, and an insider’s view of the varied workings of MIT.
Exec Director Barbara Kibler on Right talks about
the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House.

This month our sponsor was the MIT investment Management Company  hosted at Gary Strack’s Firebrand Saints restaurant.  The nonprofit showcased was a favorite of MIT’s Sarah Gallop, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House. Their Executive Director, Barbara Kibler spoke of volunteerism and its role of building and strengthening programs for a diverse population with widely varying needs. You can physically help build a playground that would be labor not just cash and you can learn more about the organizations namesake Margaret Fuller here.

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We paid special attention all night to groaning tables filled with luscious food that only Gary could come up with along with a drink menu to astound.
(L to R ) Gary Strack, Firebrand Saints;
Allen Breed, Walter Jenkins, and John McQuaid of MITIMCo
Opening the door to this world (literally), the men* of  MITIMCo  the MIT Investment Management Company. Who knew? But of course, there had to be, an organization dedicated to the non teaching facilities owned by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. John P. McQuaid, a director of Real Estate, welcomed us to this building under their care.
the newly unfurled sign
for Firebrand Saints

I met Robert Elfer,  a principal at Studio Troika, the architectural firm that turned a job (creating the space at Firebrand Saints) into a high tech passion of commitment. Yes, they like what they do – but they soared when given the flexibility to create something unique. From Rob, I learned the truth. It was Gary who insisted that there be no easily discernible name showing on the façade when they opened and it was Gary who withheld until just this month the splash of yellow that now calls out Firebrand Saints to passers by. Guerrilla marketing or coming out of stealth mode as many around here might say.

Roscoe O Thomas
I met the dapper, dressed for success,and very outgoing  Roscoe O Thomas, Area 4 coordinator for the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House and great advocate that he is, he is also articulate and passionate about the people they help. No surprise considering that in a prior life he was Dean of City Year.
Gary Strack and Mark Strangio
display the first production unit of the board game
launched at September's third Thursday's event
And yes, I had a hand** in adding to the festivities by introducing our client POLITOCRACY, the gameTMwhose co-creator, Mark Strangio, held his product launch to coincide with our Third Thursday’s progams.  In contrast to Gary’s gradually unwrapping his creation and coming out of Stealth mode, Mark literally rolled out the game board and set up a table for those who wanted to be the first to see this monopoly reminiscent emergence of a snarky, sarcastic, argumentative, power acquiring business of “who will be elected president this November.” National politics is not a game, or is it? The box of freemium dice were a fun mix of double entendres that Mark proceeded to show off to peels of laughter. I especially liked the fully functional crooked dice.
Takeaways: New restaurant got to show off it’s stuff; MIT got to showcase their real estate and community prowess, Margaret Fuller Neighborhood house got to “meet as many people as possible” which was their goal and attendees got a chance to see a new board game in Beta and have an offset to the approaching presidential electoral storm.
Do you have a Kendall Square business to showcase? Are you a Kendall Square company looking to help bring visibility to those around you? Are you a non profit community oriented organization? If you would like to be a host, sponsor, or presented non-profit, please contact the Kendall Square Association. A member of our marketing and events committee will gladly follow up with you.
Entrepreneur in Residence, Kendall PRess
Member KSA Marketing and Events committee
Blogger and Twitteratti of the Innovation economy
*No! They are not all men but the phrase has a certain ring to it, don’t you think? And in a fashion of chivalry long past –in a town that recognizes no such distinctions– it was the men – who held the door open. For those worried about gender sensitivity, this was a staged photo opp and readers of this blog know we’re big cheerleaders for innovators, entrepreneurs and equal opportunity for all.
**Full Disclosure. Kendall PRess has been paid to manufacture the game board, cards and instructions for POLITOCRACY, the gameTM  and yes, that means that this board game is proudly manufactured right here in Kendall Square, Cambridge MA, USA.  We didn’t create it but we sure are helping bring it to life – another new startup – right here in the World Capitol of Innovation.
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