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Lab Central - A Home for Cambridge BioTech Startups

alexanderBell_173856kswCLab Central held an Opening Tour last week for its nearly finished facility, complete with the real life Peter Parker as our guide and hardhats for everyone in attendance.


Lab Central is located in the same Cambridge building from which Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson held the first long distance telephone conversation. With such historic innovation as a constant backdrop, founder Johannes Fruehauf’s dream of a biotech startup hub is prepared to provide lab and office space for over 70 scientists and entrepreneurs right in the middle of Kendall Square when it officially opens next month.


Fruehauf set the stage for Lab Central’s existence by founding Cambridge BioLabs in 2010 as his proof of concept. Emboldened by the model’s success (35 new companies creating 125+ new jobs), Fruehauf has scaled up to meet the needs of an area teeming with BioTech startups, but lacking solutions…until now. With 27,000 square feet to go around, Lab Central takes a big step toward meeting the ever evolving needs of Greater Boston.


Kendall Press is proud to serve as a Strategic Partner and Sponsor to Lab Central and its companies. We are excited to work with Lab Central scientists and their startups on attracting outstanding talent and investors through the implementation of sound Business Communication practices.

Like Johannes and his team, we believe in the mission and opportunities Lab Central creates in our community.

Keith, for the team at Kendall Press

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