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Marketing to reach today's buyer

Here at Kendall Press, we are fans of David Meerman Scott and have been since before his book "new rules of marketing and PR" came out. That book just confirmDM Scott, new rules of marketing, ed his guru style wisdom to us. He's a marketing strategist with a sense of humor and I mention him today because he has just posted a MARKETING STRATEGY PLANNING TEMPLATE allowing free download and use.

This is a guy who practices what he preaches. Daily. And while this blog post is not meant to fixate on DM Scott, it was totally inspired by his musings and sharing. He is a master at putting the customer first, and marketing to reach his audience in ways they wish to be approached.

The rules of marketing and acceptable approaches to discovering prospects are changing. Rapidly. Revolutionary too, given changing consumer expectations.

We like his marketing strategy planning template for it's simplicity - WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, HOW and WHEN. We also like it for its total focus on the client and that is truly the way to reach today's buyer.


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