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Mobile Marketing & the death of the CheckIN

What I learned about Social Mobile Marketing at last week’s AMAboston, Boston Internet Marketing Meetup (BIMM)    CHECKINvitational field trip.
Last Wednesday night a hardy group of marketers turned up at TechStars  to launch our second annual invitational ‘checkin’ using the current crop of mobile device checkin tools. Returning again this year was  SCVNGR (using level up ), Google+ local (the revamped google places. and Twitter.  I also loaded up PLUG  from Mobinett which worked pretty well last year for seeing who was nearby. Lastly, we got a quick overview of a Beer App which I thought would be cool to enjoy at our after party exploration of Meadhall Meadhall was great but the beer app wasn't working and I had no business card with which to follow up. Note the last Kendall PRess takeaway.
Four teams set out and scattered around the square staying in touch via mobile apps. If you’ve never tried to load and use apps on your iphone or android while under a time constraint, you just won’t have access to the kind of feedback we have for some of the developers. Widespread adaptation requires ease of download and ease of use. Not all of the apps worked and certainly not across the 16+ different devices we used them on.
The most fascinating part of the night, however, was the AMAboston hosted panel discussion  at Microsoft’s NERD center. Jeff Peden, CEO of Crave Labs, who I have a lot of respect for duked it out with Dan Rowinski, lead writer for ReadWriteWeb.
Some conclusions:
  1. Death of the Check-in. Not over exaggerated.  At most, it will be a meta tag to some other more valuable experience.
  2. Marketing and media folks take note; a good mobile website is a requirement
  3. Recognize the difference between Search and Discovery and that most people do search by name for a specific item or store.
  4. Social doesn't work in B2B. No IT buyer is going to facebook to decide what to buy for their company.
  • 60% of online mobile searches end in a phone call to the businesses searched
  • 70% of mobile searches result in action by consumers
  • 84% of mobile phone carrying individuals have them within arms reach 18 hours/day
  • some 90% of users click on the #1 listing and 80% buy something from that click
The Kendall PRess TAKEAWAYS:
  • Clean up your mobile page – make it easily actionable
  • Make it easy to be called from and found on a mobile device
  • Marketers need to use tools like Google Analytics and JungleTorch to measure progress toward the #1 slot in any given category in which you expect to be found
  • Always be sure your business cards are with you and distribute them generously. I don’t even remember the name of the beer app and this morning’s Google search listed many, but, none of them were from my pals. Business Cards still have their place.
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